KC Fringe Photos | 2011 KC Fringe

KC Fringe Mardi Gras 3/5/11  Images by Steve ThompsonMardi Gras 3/5/11 images by Stephanie Crawford2011 May Hem By Reggie Banks2011 Mardi Gras 3-5 Photography by Reggie Banks,Sr.2011 KC Fringe 1st St. Patrick's Day Parade by Reggie Banks, Sr.2011 KC Fringe 1st St. Pat's Day Parade #2 by Kelvin Banks,Sr.2011 In The Black 7-1 Key Construction Photo's by Kelvin Banks, Sr.2011 KCFringe - In the Black  Photos by Steve Thompson2010 KC Fringe Wrap Party by Reggie Banks,Sr.2011 KC Fringe "In The Black"  Photography By David Letts2011 In the Black by T Majkol2011-21-7 KC Fringe Opening Night Party by Reggie Banks, Sr.2011 Opening Night Photos by Joseph Maino2011 Opening Party by Stephanie Crawford2011 KC Fringe Fest 7-22 by Kelvin Banks,Sr.Unicorn Theater Fringe Audience by Joseph MainoHeaven So Far Unicorn Theater by Joseph MainoCaldwell's Bomb @ Unicorn Theater by Joseph MainoBelly Dance Fusion @ the Unicorn Theater by Joseph MainoBottoms Up by J Michael StrangeJet Propulsion by JM StrangeCirque du Gay by JM StrangeThe Wine Gallery Visual Artist Exhibition by Joseph MainoThe Flock by Joseph Maino2011 KC Fringe -Rhythmic Flames by Reggie Banks,Sr.Rocky & Bullwinkle by Steve ThompsonGlamorous Belly Dance by Steve ThompsonTurning Pages by Steve ThompsonEvolution of Burlesque by Steve ThompsonI Luv You We.re F**K by Steve ThompsonSuper Spectacular by Steve ThompsonThe Met July 24 by S CrawfordThe Loft July 23rdOff Center July 22ndAll of Us by JM StrangeHocus Pocus by JM StrangeIron Artist by Joseph MainoJason has Mommy Issues by  JM StrangeRhythm and Boobs by JM StrangeTordu Voler by Joseph MainoAudience Rhythm & Boobs by Joseph MainoKansas City Dreaming  by Steve ThompsonRhythm & Boobs by Joseph MainoGrimm & Bare It by Joseph MainoThe Living Room July 25th by Tracy MajkolTordu Vol: A Twisted Tale of Flight by Steve ThompsonViolet Dreams & Unlisted Melodies by Steve ThompsonThe Song & Dance Project by Steve ThompsonHamlet vs Zombies by Steve ThompsonAudience Grimm & Bare It by Joseph MainoThis at the Living Room by Joseph MainoGetting Lucky by Steve ThompsonGrimm & Bare It by Steve ThompsonHow the West was Warped by JM StrangeHexing Hitler by JM StrangeRocky and Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show by JM StrangeYouth Fringe @ the Plaza Library by JM StrangeGrimm & Bare It II by Joseph MainoNo Gender Left Behind by JM StrangeComplete History of Western Civilization by JM StrangeHard Way to Make A Living by Steve ThompsonBellyDance Fusion - Troupe Duende by Steve ThompsonAll of Us by Joseph MainoA Rumble in the City by Joseph MainoHexing Hitler by Joseph MainoDances of India by Steve ThompsonDonnie and Darla by JM StrangeWe Are Legend by JM StrangeThe Evolution of Burlesque by Joseph MainoGlamorous Belly Dance by Joseph MainoKansas City Dreaming by JM StrangeMother Tongues by JM StrangeGlamorous Belly Dance by Angela CarmackEvol Burlesque by Angela CarmackEvolution of Burlesque by S AndersonFringe Fashion Rehearsal by JM StrangeMost Extreme Ocean Adventure by JM StrangeBellydance Fusion Factory by JM StrangeHeaven So Far by JM StrangeFringe Closing Party by Joseph MainoFringe Fashion by Scott Anderson2011 KC Fringe - Behind The Scenes by Kelvin Banks,Sr.I'm Just Not That Gay by JM StrangeiMime, There's an App for That by JM StrangeThe Flock by JM StrangeGrimm and Bare It by JM StrangeHamlet vs Zombies by S AndersonGetting Lucky by Stephanie CrawfordI Luv you, We're F***Ked by Stephanie CrawfordMotherbanking Bankholes by Stephanie CrawfordRhythm & Boobs by Stephanie CrawfordSlave Narrative by Stephanie CrawfordSpiral Dreams by Stephanie CrawfordWhite Sangria by Stephanie CrawfordHocus Pocus by Stephanie CrawfordFashion: The Elements of Fringe by JM StrangeThe Song and Dance Project by JM StrangeTurning Pages by JM StrangeViolet Dreams & Unlisted Melodies by JM StrangeCirque du Gay Hangover show by JM Strange2011 Super Spectacular! To Opera With Love by Reggie Banks,Sr.Visual Artist's "1st. "Iron Artist Competition" by Reggie Banks,Sr.