KC Fringe Photos | 2014 KC Fringe

Visual Arts Show by Micah HusereauxFringe Banner by Michael StrangeVisual Arts Opening by Tracy MajkolOpening Night by Mike StrongRed Carpet by Mugur GeanaTeaser Show by Mugur GeanaFrenchy Bernadone by Brandon WaldropJelly Rose by Brandon WaldropMemory and Weather by Brandon WaldropB List by Micah HusereauxSkin by Micah HusereauxSelectionsFree To Be KC by Mike StrongKCFringe Crew by the Photo TeamKings of Israel by Mike StrongMagic Cabaret by Mike StrongAurora (Quixotic) by Mugur GeanaTales of the Desert by Mugur GeanaOpening Night by Tracy MajkolDangerous to Dance With by Tracy MajkolLifes Spiral by Tracy MajkolFriday Night Fun by Melanie Rodriguez4Play by Micah HusereauxMighty MO by Micah HusereauxQueerios by Micah HusereauxCity in Motion by Mike StrongAvem by Mike StrongDwell by Mike StrongI'm Hollywood by Mike StrongGidions Knot by Rob SmithGirl on Girl by Rob SmithVirgin by Rob SmithCant Aint Nothing by Troy DiehlCirque Du Risque by Troy DiehlHighway to Kevin  by Troy DiehlMTVP Alumni by Troy DiehlCry Havoc by Melanie RodriguezStripper Unstripped by Troy DiehlHysterical Historical by Melanie RodriguezKC Magic Cabaret by Melanie RodriguezJelly Rose by Michael StrangeMemory and Weather by Michael StrangeRhythm and Boobs by Michael StrangeThe Frenchy Bernadone Show by Michael StrangeDesperate Acts by Michael StrangeDrunks by Michael StrangeKings of Isreal by Michael StrangeTurning Points by Michael StrangePiano Store Plays by Mike StrongRed Death by Mike StrongAvem by Tracy MajkolDinnerNShowShow by Tracy MajkolDrunks by Tracy MajkolMadhouse by Tracy MajkolWhereTheHellsTheBridesmaid by Tracy MajkolYouthFringe by Tracy MajkolSt Nicholas by Rob SmithImprov Showcase by J. Michael StrangeEx Post Facto by Mugur GeanaWoodbine Willie by Mike StrongCry Havoc by Melanie RodriguezDesperate Acts by Melanie RodriguezLife's Spiral by Brandon WaldropMighty Mo Combo by Brandon WaldropMore 4Play by Brandon WaldropPrimal Instinct Origin of the Pasties by Brandon WaldropAcopalypse by Micah HusereauxCry Havoc by Micah HusereauxGideon's Knot by Micah HusereauxDangerous to Dance With by J. Michael StrangePrimal Instincts-The Origin of the Pasties by J. Michael StrangeBond! An Un-Authorized Parody by Mike StrongCity in Motion (22nd) by Mike StrongDinner and a show - show by Mike StrongSkin by Mike StrongSpitfire Solo by Mike StrongBad Auditions by Rob SmithGlitch by Rob SmithPathways The Digital Musical by Rob SmithCantAintNothingButA4LetterWord by Tracy MajkolFreeToBeKC by Tracy MajkolIndefiniteArticles by Tracy MajkolLateNightFringe  by Tracy MajkolPrimal Instinct (Jul 18) by Tracy MajkolRed Death (Jul 18) by Tracy MajkolStairwayToKevin2 by Tracy MajkolTurningPoints by Tracy MajkolUnluckyAStripperStripped by Tracy MajkolAvem by Mugur GeanaVisual Arts by Mugur GeanaTales of the Desert (July 22) by Mugur GeanaGod Only Knows by J. Michael StrangeKC Magic Cabaret by J. Michael StrangeNear OZ, A KC Improv Company's Journey by J. Michael StrangePoetic Underground by J. Michael StrangeShakespears s Histories Ten Epic Plays at a Breakneck Pace! by J. Michael StrangeBr. John sings Sam Cooke by Micah HusereauxPoetic Underground by Micah HusereauxLear by Mike StrongCalifornia Dreamin by Tracy MajkolGirl on Girl by Tracy MajkolSkin by Tracy MajkolBluefish by Troy DiehlDirtlegs by Troy DiehlSing Sing Sing by Troy DiehlStagehands the Musical by Troy DiehlWhere The Hells The Bridesmaid by Troy DiehlEx-Post Facto by Melanie RodriguezSkin by Melanie RodriguezThe Dinner and a Show Show by Melanie RodriguezBad Auditions by J. Michael StrangeExcerpts (Seamless) by Mike StrongSubmarine Show by Tracy MajkolI'm Hollywood (thu, 24th) by Mike StrongDirtlegs by Melanie RodriguezNritya by Mike StrongCry Havoc by Troy DiehlDesperate  Acts by Troy DiehlHysterical Historical by Troy DiehlKC Magic Cabaret  by Troy DiehlPrimal Instinct by Melanie RodriguezStagehands the Musical by Melanie RodriguezRed Death by Micah HusereauxLife's Spiral by J. Michael StrangeMadhouse by J. Michael StrangeProject Pride Presents Queerios by J. Michael StrangeSkin by J. Michael StrangeThe Princess Bride by J. Michael StrangeCity in Motion (7/26) by Mike StrongEx Post Facto (7/26) by Mike StrongRed Death (7/27) by Mike StrongFear Itself by Rob SmithFringe At Work - BC Kansas City by Rob SmithIntermission by Rob SmithGreen Fish by Troy DiehlRight Between The Ears41st Day by Brandon WaldropA Hard Day's Night by Brandon WaldropAvem by Brandon WaldropBlack Friday by Brandon WaldropCalifornia Dreamin' by Brandon WaldropHard Travelin' with Woody by Brandon WaldropMom.com by Brandon WaldropSuzette & Co by Brandon Waldrop(Virgin) by Melanie RodriguezA Hard Days Night  by Melanie RodriguezA-Cop-Alypse by Melanie RodriguezAurora by Melanie RodriguezDelicious Divas by Melanie RodriguezGirl on Girl by Melanie RodriguezLifes Spiral by Melanie RodriguezMom.com-Roadrage by Melanie RodriguezQueerios by Melanie RodriguezMelinda Ryders Delicious Divas (7-22) by J. Michael StrangeMelinda Ryders Delicious Divas (7-25) by J. Michael StrangePrimal Instincts (7-25) by J. Michael StrangePulcinella by Troy DiehlThe Frenchy Bernadone Show by Troy Diehl